‘Sende Sez …

Ok, just a bit about my goal here. In essence, I have been around for … oh, about 49 years. During that time I’ve seen both the worst, and the best, that folk have to offer. And I’ve learned a very, very important thing.

If you give people the opportunity, they will help. No, seriously. It’s true; ok, most of the time. Yes, there are some folk out there who’re simply not interested in helping anyone else. Trust me, they’re rare.

What we see, on broadcast news, on social media — pretty much anywhere cameras are pointed — are the worst that people do to others. The murders, the thefts, the abuses. We are inundated with this information not just daily, but literally moment-to-moment.

Me, meanwhile? I live largely outside the media. Yes, I stay semi-current on world events; however, what impacts me, directly, are the people I interact with each and every day. The ones I meet, hug, shake hands with — you know. Real people! And what I’ve learned, each and every day, is that every single person is a story, and I can help shape that story.

So, the goal? Simple. I want to help people wake up and realize that life ain’t nearly as bad as we might want to think — or as others might want us to think. Yes — bad things happen. You will never hear me say they don’t. Yes, people do bad things to others. Again, I won’t say it isn’t true. What I will say, however, is that in each and every situation where something bad happens? Well, there’s an opportunity for something beautiful to be born from it.

This I know personally. I’m living proof of it. So if I can help you see this, and experience it in your own life, then I’ve done my good deed for the decade.

Still workin’ on that one!